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  1. I decided to make a smoker when I got a stainless tank that just looked like I could make something with.  The smoking chamber is 18 in in diameter, and the charcoal box 16 in in diameter.  I coule really use some input as far as what needs to be different or what i am missing etc.  Then I need to get to reading up on the smoking process, so I can get started.  I am still building  but here is the progress.

    The Smoking chamber started as a burner housing on a Landa pressure washer, similar to this:


    The charcoal box started as a water treatment tank made by coffin wate systems, similar to this:


    Here is my progress:







    I am going to have a 3.5 in stainless smoke stack coming out of the top center of the tank, the grated portion of the smoker door is going to be covered by a peice of stainless welded to the door.  There are a couple other holes that will be welded closed on the smoker chamber also.  The top tank is being welded with stainless wire, and will be left unfinished.  The bottom will be painted with high temp black.  The flange on the bottom is a steel tube that goes through to the bottom of the tank, I figuered it could be used as an air intake, there is also a 3/4 pipe threaded hole directly in the bottom center of the lower tank.  I am thinking of using the charcoal grates for a 22" webber as my grates in the smoke chamber, probably 2 of them, also a rod going accross the top for a hanging option.

    A couple questions:

     The hole in the bottom of the stainless tank is about 4 in.  does that need to be bigger or will that be fine?  also should I make that opening adjustable with a baffle of some sort?

    Should I baffle the exhaust stack?

    Is there some type of high temp seal tape or something I can use on the smoker door seams to get a smoke tight seal?

    Any ideas for a latch on the smoker door?

    Well enjoy and please feel free to chime in, I welcome and appreciate criticism.  Will update with more pics as build continues.
  2. Got the stack on today and the vent cove for the smoker door.  The stack is leaning to the right just a tad, enough to bug me, so i'll be taking it back off tomorrow and rewelding it.  I think my problem was not enough tack welds to keep it from moving when welding, I only tacked it once.  Live and learn, I'm not a welder or fabricator.  My other idea is to do away with the intake in the bottom of the tank and weld on the same type tube I used for the stack, and make a butterfly valve for it.  As it is now I'm thinking the intake is too small, the 3.5 in tube should do the trick and look good while doing it.


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  3. re-designed the intake and had to raise the bottom to make it work.  My idea now is to box in the bottom, when I can find the right material.  The intake will also double as a clean out, It goes 90deg directly into the bottom center of the tank, and at 3.5 in id, I should have no problem with anything passing through it when washing out the fire box.

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  4. tyotrain

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    cool looking build...
  5. [​IMG]

    Put some 6" never flat wheels on her


    Got my racks put in

    Some photos of the burnout, I'm liking the Intake.  Still need to make a latch for the smoke chamber and install some high temp seal tape around the door seams, also a baffle for the exhaust.

  6. smokinal

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    Are you going to have a water pan between the grate & the fire?
  7. Yeah that is another thing I need to get for it, or make for it. Any suggestions for how big or how much water it should hold?
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  8. this is a pretty cool build. how will you keep the intake from filling up with ash and closing off air flow?
  9. roller

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    Cool !
  10. michael ark

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    Nice build[​IMG]

  11. that is one thing I am working on trying to find a solution.  I smoked some chicken today and it didn't create much of a problem,  When i did the 12 hr smoke I had to spray water inside the the firebox i kept the water against the sidewalls to give it kind of like a flushing swirl to get the ash out without putting out the coals.
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    Nice smoker! [​IMG]   I have work as an sigh language interpreter in a welding class and wish I had taken the time to learn during the down time (and there was ALOT of down time!), but maybe some day I will take a class so I can build my dream smoker! But for now I will drowl over the buils here on the forum! [​IMG]
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    In my opinion the exhaust stack should be wide open while smoking. Only reason for a baffle is for shut down and storage with your smoker.

    By the way... great looking build! I saw your thread on the 1st chicken leg/pulled pork smoke and had to come check out the build. Your going to have this tuned in for temp control and have the family begging for more in no time if they are not all ready!
  14. yeah they have been asking for it.  I smoked a whole cut up chicken after i put the thermometer in the smoker so i could monitor temps.  I realized i can get the smoker pretty hot if i don't close off the intake. I'm gonna put a baffle on the exhaust the same as the intake, just because.  I store it in my garage so keeping it dry isn't an issue.  I am very pleased with the performance of my smoker.
  15. working on the smoker. I got a roll of this fiberglass exhuast wrap, its 12" wide 4 layers of fiberglass, the inside layer is foiled. This will help out with the colder weather smokes too. Also put in a fiberglass door seal, I had a few leaks in the door, so that should take care of that. I like the way it turned out, still a little more to go, ran out of rivets.



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