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  1. FOR SALE: Backwoods Piglet - Standard model with 2 extra racks (5 total) and Guru adapter. Mounted to a custom built stand on pneumatic wheels with two corian shelves. Also comes with a cover. Cooker w/cover retails for about $4400, with stand valued at about $5000. Selling for $3500. Have cooked 119 chicken quarters at one time, or up to 18-10 lb pork butts, or a minimum of 30 St. Louis spares, or 9 full packer briskets at one time (see pics). Cooker is located in northwestern PA. Inquiries can be made to [email protected]  with questions. 
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    I am interested in bw, contact me. 336-575-0698

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    Is there any rust on this smoker??

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