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  1. While I've been a member of the forum for a while, I haven't been using my smoker since a divorce four years ago. After 26 years with the same woman, and a nine year old to raise, I just didn't have the desire or time to get creative with the cooking. I've since remarried, and my kids have stayed on me about smoking ribs and such for them, so I've gotten back in to it a little. We recently hosted a group of young men from a traveling arts group (they teach musical theater at local schools wherever they go, as part of college). So, I decided to cook some good southern food for them. I was worried that they wouldn't eat it. I took boneless skinless thighs, wrapped them around Conecuh sausage, and then wrapped that in bacon. I put on some of the family rub, and put them on the smoker, 220 degrees. Several hours later, the chicken was on the counter waiting for them. I had grilled some as well, just in case they didn't like the looks of the smoked stuff (hey, they're dancers... I didn't know). The first young man looked at the smoked chicken and said "Is that bacon, wrapped around chicken, wrapped around sausage?" I said that it was, and that it was my first time trying it... that I was experimenting on them. He said "Awesome! That is the best experiment ever!" The four young men devoured most of the smoked and grilled chicken. Another successful day of cooking!

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    Looks good every thing is better with Bacon Welcome to SMF
  3. Thanks! Good to be back.
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    Looks mighty tasty from here! I'll bet your guest loved it! :thumbsup:

    Nicely done...

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    Looks amazing! I will definitely have to add that to my list of things to try! Welcome!
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    Looks wonderful!
  7. PLEASE SEND ME SOME CONECUH!!!! I went to school in Alabama and that stuff is just amazing! Looks beautiful and I'm not going to be wrapping thighs in bacon for the rest of the my life.
  8. do not look like you have forgotten much, food looks excellent.


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