Smokin' Sunday 8-11-13

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by mrgriz, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. Decided to turn Sundays with no plans into smokin' Sundays at the house. Also figured that if I was smoking something for myself, that left plenty of room on the smoker, so I took some "orders" from friends for pulled pork. Just asked for a donation to basically cover the costs. A couple of text messages later and the smoker is full!

    This week it's pulled pork, if this works out, next week may be brisket or made to order fatties.

    Here's a shot of the five butts going on the smoker at 7:30 this morning. I rubbed them with some of my super secret home made rub. I call it that because I never write down any recipe when I make it and it's never quite the same twice in a row. Basically brown sugar, paprika, salt, black pepper, white pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic and onion powder. Unless I'm out of one of those, or find something else in the cabinet that looks interesting. Smoker is cruising along at about 225 with plenty of apple smoke rolling. I'll try to keep the updates and qview coming.

  2. Here's a peek 3 hours in. Almost time to start spritzing with a little apple juice and spiced rum!

  3. daveomak

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    Mike, morning.......  Hey, I don't text...... no wonder you missed my order......   I still can't figure out how to get a butt to Omak....   I'll work on that problem.....   

    It all looks good to me.......  Lucky Texters.......  

  4. kathrynn

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    Looks great so far.....keep showing that q-view!

  5. Looks GREAT! I may need to give the order thing a try. I hate it when the smoker isn't full.

    Happy smoken.

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    What a great idea. I will be watching!


  7. Qview update. Here they are after 10 hours on the smoker. Quit smoke after about 4 hours and started spritzing every hour or so for the next 4 hours, just heat from that point. The bsrk is looking great and the smell is amazing. I wasn't going to, but i ended up wrapping them to finish in foil to finish at about 170 internal temp.

  8. disco

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    170 F sounds a little low for pulling. I usually take it to 205 F. Did they pull alright?Disco
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    :yeahthat: you won't be very happy with 170` ... 205` or more....
  10. I didn't try to pull them at 170, I wrapped them in foil to bring them up to 205 a little faster. I just pulled them off so they can rest for a while before I pull them. I'll post a picture before and after pulling them.
  11. Well, qview of the finished product is lacking due to a dead phone last night.

    I ended up wrapping them at about 170 internal temp to speed things up a little.  Pulled them off at 205 internal temp, let them rest for an hour or so in their foil wrap and then pulled all five shoulders.  They fell apart beautifully and were juicy.  Awesome flavor from the bark and the finishing sauce.

    I think the only thing I would do differently next time is go back to my usual way of foil wrapping when they hit about 140 to 150 internal temp.  It seems to speed things up a little.  These took about 14 hours on the smoker.

    This worked out so well, I may just take "orders" for some brisket next time I have room on the smoker.  I wound up covering the cost of the shoulder I was cooking for my family, along with the wood, propane and just enough left over for a little "smoking fluid" (aka - cold beer)!
  12. lol. when im smoking everyone knows..i get txts and calls asking what kinda beer do i want for me to bring them lunch the next day.

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