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  1. oatman

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    i'm wanting to by a smoker control. What is the best. that being a lose term as they all have different options. i have looked at the DigiqQ DX2, Pitmaster IQ120 & the Stoker........

    What are your thoughts?
  2. genek

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    Oatman, I have used the SYL-1512A from Aubers and the JLD612 from Amazon with good results for each of them. I have a small 3300 watt heat gun I put in the oven of our stove so my wife can make large batch of yogurt each month.That uses the JLD612 because it has a double display to show the set value and present value at the same time. The SYL 1512 has only one display line but is also smaller. I have a SYL1512 on my heat treat oven for tempering metals.

  3. chef jimmyj

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    [​IMG]  What does " THIS " have to do with using Electronic Controls to maintain a Smokers Temperature?...JJ
  4. daveomak

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    Are you speaking of smoking cigarettes ?????? Whatever you are smoking, has had some "malefic" effects.... me thinks.... but I could be wrong..... have been before and will be again.....

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