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  1. Ok, so I have ordered the control ststem for heating my upright freezer build, and I have now turned my focus to the smoke generator.

    I am wondering what people have done.  I don't want to put a chip tray on the hating element, so I was thinking of building something like a smoke daddy, or maybe building something with its own 1or 200 watt element to burn the wood so I can get smoke when I am cold smoking.  so I am open to ideas.

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    All you need to do is go to the front page of this site and you'll find the A-maze-ing smoker thingy and there are alot of folks here that have them I don't YET.
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    What Mark said - the best deal in town and made in USA to boot
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  6. actualy, I might get one, but not interested in using that for my main smoke generation as I don't want to have to play with sawdust all the time.  I have about 1 cord of different wood sitting in the back, and I am looking to make something that will burn chunks/chips/whatever I throw in it...

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    dropped you a PM
  8. will the Amaze-n work with a rougher cut dust or just the fine stuff. I have alot of "waste" from a chainsaw when I cut up my apple and cherry wood.  Anyone have that answer?
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    Some chainsaw chips will work, but the bar oil isn't good to be mixed in with your dust, unless you used cooking oil instead of regular "Bar & Chain" oil.
  10. Yes, I used cooking oil. I also go Ice Diving (SCUBA) and use the same, just  got into the habit of it for woods I would use for smoking too.
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    Chainsaw chips usually too big, but maybe mixed with some fines would work.  Chips need to be very dry, like 8% to burn.  Deltadude seems to get chainsaw chips to work, but not sure what he mixes in with them.

    Good call on the Veggy Oil!!

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    I'm in the process of converting a proofer into a smoker.... I just bought a cocktail shaker for like 10 bucks at target. Its perfect for a smoke generator I just flipped it upside down drill a hole in the top (bottom normally) for a 3/4" pipe I'll 90' that into the smoker and you just pull the little lid off the bottom and the strainer part keeps the wood chips from falling out but you can still light it with a torch through there.  Tapped the cap for a 1/8" barb for when I get an air pump for it.  I'll get some pictures of it when I get it all done and installed but so far without the air compressor I lit some maple chunks in it and man did it pour out some smoke with only about 1/8 of the thing filled!
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    There's a huge difference between "Thin Blue Smoke" and "Nasty Billowing White Smoke".

    The "Nasty Smoke" contains creosote and other nasty chemicals that affect the flavor of your food.  Best way to describe it is like being around a camp fire.  The coals are hot and the smoke rises in a nice bluish smoke.  If the fire is not burning correctly, you get this nasty white billowing smoke that burns your eyes and smells terrible.

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    Yeah I know thats why i'm adding an air pump to get the right amount of oxygen so it doesnt produce creosote

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