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  1. Hi All I am going to post this again, as I think it may help someone with building thier own smokegun. Rest assured that these guns work great, but on some windy days (depending on which way the wind is blowing) they can be a real bear. The main concept is the old coal/wood stove draft theory. You may want to even experiment with your smoke daddy, or smoke daddy knockoffs. All you need to do is take off your air hose adaptor, and fire it up as normal. You should get enough air in the bottom to draw it up to a good smoke. If not you could drill and tap some additional 1/4-20 holes in the bottom. About 2 to 3 would do. you can always plug them with 1/4-20 short screws. this will let you adjust your draft for your smoke. Also I included pictures of my smoke guns and smokehouse to give some of you aspiring builders some ideas.
    By the way I found that the best setup for smokeguns is a start with wood pellets, then add small split chuncks with a portion of pellets throughout the burn. Also I use the hardwood type that are typically sold through the local hardware store like the kind they use for pelet stoves.

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    You really don't need an air pump, just create a little draft in the bottom I am using home made 4" dia by 11" long main chamber, with a 2" dia x 10" long welded abt 3/4" down side pipe. See photo bucket. All you need is a good draft, no air pump required.
    Think of your smoke gun as a wood stove give it more air under the grate, and you get a fire. Partically close up the bottom, you get a slow burn, or smoke. If you close up the bottom completely you will get a no burn. You must experiment a bit to get the slow burn, but it makes things easier, as you don't need electric to your smoke guns. Simple but effective

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