Smoke Generator Placement / Inlet

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  1. Please bear with me, I know this is long winded but I feel the background info is important to the recommendations.  In my fridge build, I plan to use two individual thermostatically controlled propane gas burners from 2 propane ovens.  1 primary burner and 1 secondary burner set 5 -10 degrees lower for preheat and for heat loss recovery after opening the door.  Told you I always over-build, Tim Taylor would be proud!  Rather do it the first time than wish I had done it.  Anyway; I am now convinced to use the AMNPS in some way.  I only assume air intake below the diffuser plate is correct so:  My 1st question is if place the AMNPS under the diffuser plate or bring the smoke from the AMNPS into the chamber under the diffuser plate; do I risk the smoke being consumed by the flame from the burner?  Smoke above or below the diffuser plate?  Background for 2nd question:  I have no garage so fridge will live outside.  As in the Pacific Northwest, England gets a lot of rain.  1 of the reasons for this build is so I can continue to smoke in the rain/snow, a problem with my offset.  English yards are SMALL and getting a breeze at times can be difficult.  I have a 5” square variable speed fan that came with the ovens that I want to use in the build.  It would be manually controlled for now.  May never be needed but if all piped in at the beginning , no need to retrofit later.  Mounted inside a box, close the lid and don’t use it.  If I need air flow, open the lid; switch it on.  2nd question:  If I mount it in the stack, I would have to design in such a way as to be able to replace if fan goes out.  If mounted in the top and running at low speed, rain comes in.  Could I mount it down low, just above the diffuser plate with a slight angle to perpendicular and a slight angle upward to push fresh air into the chamber using a slight “tornado” effect to help air flow and draft in smoke from an exterior source in cold smoking.  All help and advice appreciated.  Thank you.  Keep Smokin!


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