Seperating a point & flat

Discussion in 'Beef' started by burgs95, May 21, 2008.

  1. burgs95

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    Does anyone know a good link for pictures on seperating a brisket point and flat? I saw one awhile back, but did not save the website. It had great instructions and pics. Thanks

  2. fatback joe

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  3. burgs95

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    Perfect. I've got a 11 lb Exel packer from super Walmart yesterday. I'm trying me first brisket Memorial day weekend. I can only start smoking around 7:00 am, due to work. I'm hoping I can can cook the just the flat by 6:00 pm. I want to freeze the point and try burnt ends later. the flat has a nice fat cap, so it should have enough fat to keep moist.
  4. glued2it

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    If you want to separate a point from a flat after it has been cooked.

    There will be a fairly easy to follow fat layer separating the two
    Take a spatula(wood or plastic) and work it into the fat layer using a slight prodding motion.
    You'll want to be easy not to jab the spatula into the meat as best as you can.
    I don't have any pictures of it but it's pretty simple to figure out once you get your hands on it.

    I don't recomend seperating the two before cooking.
    The section of flat underneath the point is primo!

    BTW- you'll want to make the burnt ends from a cooked point.
    I would recomend cooking the point and the freezing for burn't ends.

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