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    As some of you might remember, a week ago I mentioned that a good friend of ours had her brother pass away in a freak accident. Today we got to spend a few hours with her and it was a blessing to both Ruth and myself. To let you know, jessica is like a daughter to us, we love her very much and when she asked if we would "adopt" her as a daughter we never thought anything else but yes.....she is a wonderful young lady. Her brother was just as so, a loving father of two children, a 10 year old boy and a 3 year old girl......a hard worker and loving young man of only 27 years. David passed away in a freak accident where he was pulling a fiber optic line and a high voltage line arched on him....high voltage being 7200 volts. David, in the brief few seconds, must have know what was happening as he pushed his apprentice, a kid of only 19, away from him in the cherry picker.......this saved this kids life. David passed away suddenly and leaves behind alot of people who loved him and his family. I know memorial day is for remembering those who have given their lives for our freedom, but this year for us is a little different. God bless our troops and those who have given for us even when our leaders are so misguided or just plain stupid.....but also, god bless those who give every day for their familys and friends, they should not be forgotten either.
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    Our prayers and thoughts are with you and their familys
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    My thoughts are with you and family.
    Bless you

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