Ribs -- Cut them all, or only a few.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by floridasteve, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. floridasteve

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    I'm just about ready to pull two slabs of spareribs out of the smoker. That's a lot more than we can eat tonight. Is it best to cut all the ribs up now? Or should I only cut off bwhat we can eat, and save the rest as a slab rather than individual pieces?
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    If you have the room, I would chill them whole. I hate to cut things due to the possiblility of lossing fluids.

    If properly rested, it would be whichever is easiest IMHO.
  3. What Foam said

  4. floridasteve

    floridasteve Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks, guys. That's king of what I figured. They' we rested about30 minutes, and it'll probably be another 15 before I get the sides done.

    First smoke in new MES 40bt
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    Nice , that wouldn't have time to set around my place .

  6. floridasteve

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    BEST... RIBS... EVER,

    My old smoker and was so small, that to cook a slab of ribs I had to cut them in half. Mainly did pork butts and chicken legs. I used two different rubs, one with my standard pork rub, and one with my chicken rub, which has no heat, only herbs and wine simmered to a thick paste. I used the classic 3-2-1 method at 225°. When it was time to foil, I didn't have any apple juice so I just threw in a little beer. LOL. once I uncovered, I glaze the slab with the pork rub with a mixture of honey and burbon. Mopped it probably four times.

    Both slabs were great. Very juicie, great flavor, and extremely tender. Pitmaster Pro judges would say they were overcooked, but I don't care. I liked the unglazed paste rub best, but my wife and our guest liked the other better. Guess I'll keep doing two different kinds!
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  7. Nice Looking Ribs,   Good Job

  8. Nice looking Spares. 


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