Reverse seared porterhouse.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by scottma, May 27, 2016.

  1. scottma

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    Just wrapped up my first attempt.  Porterhouse steaks are on sale 5.77 a pound so I picked up three.  Had them cut about 1.75 inches thick.  Tonights was just under 2lbs.  Started out at 225 for about an hour to an internal of 123.  Took off and cranked the heat to 500.  I separated the filet for the wife as she likes it slightly above medium.

    Here's about an hour in.  It was a great cut with a huge filet.

    Threw on some corn as well.

    Separated and on the grill grates upside down.

    I broke the cardinal rule and didn't get a cut shot but I do have a pic of whats left. 

    It tasted great and very different with the smoke flavor in the background.  Will definitely cook using this method again.  

    Thanks for looking.

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    Must have been tasty! I suggest you get some Tatonka Dust to try on a steak sometime you can get it from Owens BBQ. That's a crazy great price I would stock up if I was you!

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