Red oak?

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    Didn't know where to post, so I figured this would be a good place to start. I cut a few limbs out of some red oaks around the house the other day " probably two weeks ago" I was getting ready to do a little grillin and looked at the pile of limbs. This stuff is still wet, so do you think this work for the pit? I'm on the process of burning the pit out now, and decided to throw a little on there. It smoking pretty good, and trying to burn. I just dosnt know if the smoke off of the wet wood would cause any harm, or mess the flavor up. Thanks for your help.
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    Oak and specifically red oaks are some of the best for the smoker.  I have plenty of Black Jack and Turkey oak, but have always seasoned it before using it in in the smoker.
  3. I would use seasoned wood, green wood imparts a bitter/strange taste on your meat, good seasoned wood leaves a mild even smoke flavor.

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    Which red oak are we talking about, there are about a dozen oaks that are called "red" in various parts of the country. That said the northern red oak that I use needs to be seasoned a long time, up to 3 years if you are using splits for fuel in an offset. In any event your oak is not ready to be used at this point, it needs to dry out for a while.
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    Thank you... I never knew that!
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    Some of the Eastern Red Oaks are:


    Northern Red

    Eastern Black

    Southern Red




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