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  1. Hello "So Cal Smokers".  I found this section this evening and have been reading like mad.  I am Cathy in the Covina/Pomona area.  My Traeger pellet grill will be  delivered Friday with a bag of Mesquite and a bag of Alder pellets.  I am hoping to fire it up Saturday morning and make a couple of chickens to break it in.  I am reading the types of meats and cuts that are available and learning alot.  I have always been a cook, but meat was never my strong suit.  I'm hoping smoking and long slow cooking will work better for me.  I look forward to doing a nice brisquit, some fish, and the husband has requested turkey legs.  So we shall see.  Thank you all for sharing your knowledge.
  2. Hi Cathy,

    I'm Vince and I live in San Dimas. What time should I be over for the Q?[​IMG]
  3. Hey Vince!  Just over the hill.  I'm gonna have to pick your brain on where to get the best meat.  Pickings are slim over this way.
  4. I'm going to the Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ Class on October 26. I'll ask Sammy where he buys his product. He is in Diamond Bar so I'm guessing it is some place in the area.

    I hope you enjoy your new smoker!
  5. I have a request in for I believe it was the Nov 9th class. :)  I may wait for a while and get my feet wet first.
  6. I'll let you know what I think.
  7. Hey Vince..How did your BBQ class go?  I've been patiently waiting for your critique on the class. :)  I made some jerky the other day and need to make more...apparently they liked it and it didn't kill anyone.
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    Hey Cathy.  I see you're in the Covina/Pomona area.  I'm in Chino Hills.  There are a couple of places to get decent meat.  One is Pomona Food Locker which is close to you.  You can make a little drive down the 60 fwy to Central in Chino and go south to Chino Ave and turn left.  First street on the right is Hottingers meat market.  They have any kind of meat you want there.  Just picked up a Tri Tip today and will be smoking it tomorrow.  Of course, there always Costco.  They also have a great meat selection, but you usually have to buy a larger amount of meat.
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  9. Thanks.  I'll have to try there.  I went to Costco this week to get some london broil to do some more jerky and they didn't have any.  Surprised me to say the least. 
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    Costco is hit or miss. A lot of the popular cuts of meat get sold out real quick. I've sometimes asked the meat guys in the back to get meats that aren't in the cases and they go back and it for me in their big fridges in back.

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