Question: My Smoker went out over night. Am I dealing with a "Danger Zone" situation?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smokerooke, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. smokerooke

    smokerooke Newbie

    I'm smoking an 11lbs bottom roast and two 5lbs pork shoulders.

    I started at midnight, got the smoker temp up to 250, stayed stable until I went to bed at 200am. Got up at 730am and the smoker was down to 100! Temperature of the meat this morning was around 120. I do not suspect any of the meat got up to 140 at any point.

    I've done a five hour stretch before but I guess with the colded weather last night...Anyway, is this a danger zone concern?
  2. smokerooke

    smokerooke Newbie

    Of course it got up to 140. Probably around 300am-ish. Cooked for another two hours at that temp maybe and started going out around 500am? That would be just outside the danger zone, right?

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