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  1. hello all,

       I have been smoking pork butts with great success but the issue I have is when it is all done and put into the nesco to keep warm it likes to dry out. I add all of the natural juices that I have collected from the smoking process but after time those aren't enough. do you add apple juice to keep it moist??? what is your solution
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    Sounds like the Nesco is continuing to cook it. Most here when the butt reaches the pulling temp of 200-205 IT will remove it from the smoker, wrap in foil, then wrap in an old big towel and stash somewhere like an old cooler or the microwave for it to rest, and absorb back all the juices into the muscle. Once pulled, the juices from the smoker drip pan will be added back into the pulled meat along with a splash of finishing sauce, if using, and presented for chow. HTH, Willie
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    I swear by finishing sauce. I also swear by apple juice when you foil it. If you are not resting like the above poster mentioned it won't be as juicy. By the way is a nesco what we call a crock pot out west?
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    No, a Nesco is one of those turkey roaster things...oblong, metal, with a removable insert, temp dial on front. Many here use them for poaching sausages to fully cooked. Kinda like a crock pot on steroids....
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    Oh, I have one of those. Ok thanks chef.
  6. I don't have an issue with it being juicy when it is done and pulled buy like anything you make for a large number of people you have to keep it up to temp. when it goes into the nesco it is great but if it is in there for a few hours to stay warm it starts to dry out. if I turn the heat down to far it will get cold.

    What I am referring to as a nesco is bigger than a crock pot. and there is a dial on the front usually up to 400 degrees so you can cook a full turkey in one if you want.
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    The chef has you covered. I have never had my pulled pork last long enough at a party to worry about it drying out. haha... I just looked at my turkey roaster and now I do see it says nesco on it. Who would have known. Thanks
  8. Chief Willie gave to great advice.  sounds like you are continuing to it. I do the foil, old towels and in a cooler  never have problems with dry PB

  9. so what are you guys calling finishing sauce??
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    Alternate method maybe?  I use Alton Brown's, brine the butt in a very large ziplok bag with 2 quarts water, 12 oz of pickling salt and 8 oz of molasses for 15 hours in the frig. I've held the end result for up to 4hrs wrapped tight in foil then towels in a cambro.  Always plenty of juice. 
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  13. Are you putting it into the Nesco whole, or after you pull it?  How long are you talking about between taking it out of the smoker and serving it?

    I also use the foil wrap, towel and cooler approach to let it rest and re-absorb the juices.  Then, I pull it and mix in any drip pan juices and finishing sauce.  What doesn't get eaten right away, goes into either a zip lock bags or vacuum sealed bags and then into either the fridge or freezer depending on how long before I expect to eat it.

    If you are keeping it for your meal and just done in advance, I'd recommend resting it, then pulling it, then seal up the meat & juices in a zip lock or vacuum bag (or bags), then wrap back in a towel and back into the cooler till you need to put it out for eating.  It will stay warm for several hours.

    I once was doing a big brisket dinner at a scout camp.  We smoked 18 large briskets.  We finished the night before, so wrapped each one in plastic wrap, then foil, put them all into large igloo coolers at about 11pm.  At 1pm the next day, we took them out to slice - they were still hot to the touch.
  14. Good advice  

  15. I pulled the pork apart the day before and put in fridge. I am talking about warming it for serving. it gets a little dry around the edges and I am trying to avoid that
  16. Then I really recommend the zip lock or vacuum bags and then reheat it by putting the bag in a hot water bath.  Reheats without letting any moisture escape.  Only downside is that any crusty bark gets softened.
  17. adam d

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    I find that storing my pulled pork in a vacuum bag and freezing them, then putting those in boiling water make the pork come out pretty good. It's not as dry as if I microwaved it. I add BBQ sauce to my pulled pork when I serve it so that def. helps.

    The pork is great by itself but my preference is some BBQ sauce in there. You do what you like, but just don't throw it in the microwave or in an oven for a while, it'll def. dry out. Keep that moisture in, use a vacuum sealed bag... moisture has no where to go.
  18. Let the bags thaw completely in the fridge dump the out in a big pan (I use a roasting pan) a little sprinkle of water then in the oven, taste like it just came off the smoker.  I have also thawed it in the fridge then into the large disposable aluminum pans and on the smoker for a bit really kicks up the flavor


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