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    It's midnight and I haven't prepped anything for tomorrow.  Thawed my butt, that's about it.   Still gotta clean the rig too.  It will all be worth it in the end, yes?
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    No love in here?  I'm hurt.  What's the consensus on how close to smoke time do folks apply the rub?  Mustard yes?  Lemme guess French's.  
  3.      I am a Newbie to so I don't have any advice from personal knowledge for ya but I'll throw some love. I am doing my first BB on Thursday. I have them in the freezer. My plan is to start thawing in the fridge on Monday. Wednesday morning apply mustard and rub then back in the fridge. Start the WSM at about 23:00 wednesday night and get the meat on just after midnight. (looking at forcast of around 43* that night with 63* for the next day). Looking at a dinner time of 17:00 on Thursday. I read somewhere on here allow 2 hours per pound with an extra hour at the end to make sure your ready for dinner guests. I hope to let it rest in the cooler for 2 hours.

          Thats my plan, I don't know if it's a good one but I'll find out.
  4. I have seen you tube videos of people applying the rub anywhere from 24 hours ahead to straight on the smoker.

    My menu for my first go is 2 BB's 8.5 to 9lb. While they rest in the cooler a batch of Dutch's Wicked Beans and SQUIB's Mac and cheese for 2 hours on the smoker. Also going to do some chicken legs on my offset and then some Marie Calenders Honey Corn bread muffins in the oven. I will be throwing some Qview after the dinner. Good or bad.
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    Many folks prep and apply the rub the night before.  I have tried the yellow mustard way and did not find it benefited anything as it does not affect the flavor.

    Personally the only benefit to the rub the night before is that it does penetrate the meat some and may add flavor.  It also makes getting up and getting going a little easier if you are starting in the early morning.

    I have an MES and so I start late afternoon.  before bedtime it gets foiled and either sits in the MES or oven at 200 overnight.  get up early in the morning put it to rest and pull later.

    Good luck
  6. My understanding is that the mustard was there only to hold the rub on the meat so it will penetrate the meat as you pointed out.
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    I apply mine about 30-60 min before I place into the smoker. I do not use mustard. If I want a heavy coating I reapply as placing into the smoker.....
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    I always apply the rub the night before, with no binder (mustard).  Like werdworf said, I believe this allows the meat to sorta dry marinate in the rub spices overnight.  When you pull it out of the fridge to go in the smoker, the rub and the meat's natural juices will have formed a nice paste.  Right before it goes in the smoker, I give it another dusting of rub.  This always makes a real nice bark on my butts.
    Yeah, they call it a binder, but IMO its not necessary.  The meat's natural moisture will bind the rub just fine.

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