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  1. Does anyone have experience with privet for smoking? It's plentiful on my property, small, easy to cut, and I want it gone anyway. I am not worried about ruining a batch of meat, but I don't want toxins.
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    Buy some Machetes ,invite over a bunch of friends , get them drunk and point them toward the problem and have a Bonfire... easy and free [​IMG]

    Or , a guaranteed solution , invite a local Biker club over for free beer and set them free... nothing left...
  3. Cut and dry a little and try it. Privet is first cousin to lilac.
  4. Additional Common Names: Privet, Amur, Wax-leaf
    Scientific Name: Ligustrum vulgare
    Family: Oleaceae
    Toxicity: Toxic to Dogs, Toxic to Cats, Toxic to Horses
    Toxic Principles: Terpenoid glycosides
    Clinical Signs: Gastrointestinal upset (most common), incoordination, increased heart rate, death (rare).
  5. Seems as though the prudent cautious thing to do is to use something else.  The saying in aviation is, "There are no old, bold pilots."
  6. I heard walnut give people a reaction also but I dont know why. I would believe however, that if you reduced the privet into lump charcoal, the removal of the organic material would render it harmless, but I dont actually know, and would have to read more on the Terpenoid glycosides.

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