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Discussion in 'Pork' started by skdvr, May 6, 2011.

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    I am going to be making a pork butt for pulled pork and some baked beans for mothers day.  I have 2 butts that are 6 - 7 lbs each and I am thinking that I would like to do them on Sat since this is my first time smoking a pork butt.  Things generally seem to take longer than expected so I do not want to push it for Sunday lunch.  What is the best way to go about this as far as reheating the pulled pork the next day?  Or do you not like that option at all, and I should just start it sat night and let it go all night?


  2. skdvr

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    Wanted to add that I will be using a MES 40 (don't know if that would make a difference or not). 

    I got ahead of myself hitting the submit button so quickly because I also wanted to ask about when to put the beans in the smoker?  I figured I should put it in the smoker in the last few hours of the pork butt, but I was also thinking that some of the pork drippings would be nice in the beans.  By the time I get to the last few hours the pork should be wrapped in foil by that point so I am not sure if any drippings make it out of there or not.  Any as far as the beans go is also greatly appreciated...


  3. i have had good results by smoking it the day before, pulling it then reheating it in a crock pot with drippings mixed with a little apple juice and captin morgan. i also use a captin morgan/apple juice blend to spritz while smoking
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    This topic has had lots of discussions  here.

    You can find most anything you need to know about using the handy dandy search tool up top.

    I did one for you using the words from your post..."reheating the pulled pork the next day  "


    You can shorten the request to a few less words and get tons more info!!

      Happy reading!! If you need answers after that let us  know what they are!!

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    Since you have a MES I would just let it go all night. It would be easier if you had an A-MAZE-N smoke generator, but at least you will have stable temps all night. If you can get them to fit, put a couple of wood chunks in the chip pan just before you go to bed, they will smoke for a couple of hours. As far as letting the fat drip in the beans, in my opinion it makes them way to greasy tasting. When you pull the pork, take a few pieces & chop them up & put them in the beans. It will give the beans a wonderful flavor without all the grease. Good luck Phil & let us know how it turns out.
  6. skdvr

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    Thanks Al, I do have AMNS too and I LOVE that thing!  Actually have a good word about Todd.  Just the other day I had ordered some more dust and Todd refunded me some of my money because the shipping was not as much as the website thought it would be.  Only a couple of bucks but most people would not do that...

    Anyway, the only other thing I am worried about is the weather.  So I am starting to lean more twards putting in on tonight and letting it go all night and then just reheating it on Sunday in the slow cooker.

    Thanks again to everyone for the help.  It is greatly appreciated.

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  8. arnie

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    I’m with Al. Let her smoke all night while you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

    Give it about 2 ½ hours /lb. When the internal temp hits 200⁰ pull it out double wrap in foil (maybe add a touch of apple juice) wrap it in a towel and stuff it in a cooler. It should stay well above 140⁰ for 6 – 7 hours and the rest does the pork good.

    If you want you could toss the beans in for the last 3 – 4 hours, but like Al said a little grease goes a long way.

    Good luck
  9. skdvr

    skdvr Fire Starter

    Getting ready to throw them in the smoker in just a few...  Not that I think I will have to hold them that long, but would it really be good in the cooler for 5-6 hours? 

    One more question for now, how long before serving should I pull the pork?

    Thanks again

  10. flyweed

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    well...everyone has an opinion....here's mine...smoke the butts to an internal temp of 160F..then foil and put them back in the smoker until they hit 200F...pull them out, wrap in heavy towels and let rest in your oven for 2-3 hours...taken em out and pull them then.....you can always reheat if need be..it'll taste every bit as good.

  11. skdvr

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    Starting to get nervous now....  I put them (6lb and 7lb butt) in the smoker at 5pm yesterday.  The climbed good and stalled around 154*.  Took several hours to move from there to 165*, one of them was 166* and the other was 170*.  I pulled them out and wrapped them in foil and and put them back in the smoker.  I bumbed them temp from 230* to 250* and went back to bed for a 3.5 hours.  When I got up at 7:30 they are now at 166* and 163*.  Only have until 11am before people get here and supposed to eat at 11:30, so we may have a good meal of baked beans and cheesy potatoes.

  12. smokinal

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    They're stalled, once they get going they will probably go pretty fast, don't put the temp up any higher. Just let 'em ride. 
  13. raptor700

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    hope you made the 11:30 dinner bell.[​IMG]

    Can't wait to hear how it turned out  [​IMG]
  14. Im wondering if things were done in time as well....fill us in please![​IMG]
  15. I did 2 butts of the same size last night(put them on at 6pm) and mine were done around 8. How'd urs turn out sky?
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  16. smokinal

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    Yes we are all waiting!
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  18. 6pm last night, then 8am the next morning? 
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    A Skeleton at the Computer?!

    NOW THAT'S FUNNY!...I don't care who ya are!
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    Hmm, I like the beans (pintos) with the drippins. Adding 2-3 tbsp baking soda for every dry pound of beans and letting them go for a loooooooong time gives them a very smooth texture. I have some that have been going for 9 1/2 hours right now and they are just starting to taste right. Another hour or three and they'll be perfect. When I make beans in a crockpot, it's a few pieces of raw bacon, the baking soda, a bunch of pressed garlic, some salt, then turn the pot on low before I go to bed.

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