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  1. I am building a pellet smoker out of a 120 propane tank. The problem I am having is with the draft. The side over the burner is 100degrees hotter than the other side. Any recommendations on how to even this out? I set it up just like a traeger
  3. You can try a water pan over your diffuser to help even out the temp
  4. Do you think Tuning Plates would help? If so should they be level or slightly higher on the cool end of the grill to help the heat go that direction?
  5. I have never had great success with tuning plates it seems like after the metal heats up I'm close to the original problem. Maybe someone else can chime in. Water is my solution although many people don't dislike it. I would still try the plates just can't speak of the best way to configure them. Good luck
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    You can do a tuning plate or do something that would be the equivalent. I would try a 6 inch angle iron centered over your burn pot. Plate off each end so the heat gets cupped in the V channel. If fairly level to having a slight incline away from burn pot will direct heat more to the tail end of cook chamber. You could drill some heat reliefs along the run but it might do better retaining the heat to even out inside temps. This might work better with the pellet burner as compared to plates. You might have to add some flanges near burn pot to get more heat directed into the channel collector.
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    Love the paint job!

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