Peach wood

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  1. Just bought some peach wood from Fruita. I will let you know the results.

    My wife and I are hosting a having a BBQ soon and I would love suggestions on side items.  Right now I am going to smoke a Pork shoulder and about 3 or 4 racks of ribs. Also a bunch of ABT's.
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    You are going to love it! I use it all the time. My local orchard cut down the old trees last year after planting new trees. I picked up two trailers of logs from them. The smoke taste is sweet. I like to mix it with hickory to do sausage and kielbasa. I only use peach by itself on chicken. When I do my pork butts I'll mix a 50/50 mix of cherry and peach. Your gonna love it. Jeff
  3. mneeley490

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    I think peach is by far the sweetest smoke of any wood I've used. Almost too sweet for some applications, I think. I wouldn't use it on beef, for instance. But it is wonderful on chicken and ribs.
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  4. Peach is great for cheese too.
  5. oldschoolbbq

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    Yeah , be sure to post Q-view of the looks of it so other's can tell Peach from Shinola [​IMG].

    Have fun and .....
  6. ak1

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    Nice score! I love using peachwood. It has a really nice flavour.

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