nube building a homeade offset.

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by andy seaver, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. andy seaver

    andy seaver Newbie

    I am in the process of building a homeade offset smoker. thought i might try something different from the norm. what i had in mind is mounting the firebox low on the backside of the cooking chamber, facing the opposite direction. I will connect the firebox with 2 or 3 pieces of 3 1/2 in pipe. They will be spaced out towards the center of the cooking chamber. then I will put a stack on each end of the cooking chamber. my thinking is that this will evenly heat the cooking chamber instead of being hot at one end. curious if anyone has any thoughts or opinions on weather or not this will work. here is a crude drawing of what i had in mind.
  2. davidmcg

    davidmcg Meat Mopper

    This is just my own opinion and all. Many have done just what you are planning. I have made one as you described, along with other offset designs. But now I am going to make a UDS. They don't need a waterpan or baffle plates. They use very little fuel and keep a really consistent temp going for hours. Best part of all is that they are cheap. Honestly, if I had to do all over again I would forget about all the cookers I have made over the years and go with a UDS. They aren't as flashy as an offset, but they sure do a great smoke. The only exception I would make is the 6 drawyer file cabinet I converted to a smoker and got destroyed by a Kansas severe storm.
  3. goat

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    I have seen and used what you have drawn. In my opinion, with that design, you have 3 hot-spots rather than 1.
  4. andy seaver

    andy seaver Newbie

    thanks for the reply. I probably wouldnt build an offset except for that i was given the majority of the material free [​IMG] . I will definately take your opinions into consideration. I havent gotten so far along that I couldnt change it.

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