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Discussion in 'Fish' started by titus0327, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. I was all excited to smoke a ham for NYE, but over the last few days with the holidays Ive grown a little tired of ham. Ive kicked around a couple other ideas, pork, brisket etc... But I think I wanna try some salmon. Ive never done this before so I need lots of help. Usually, I try Jeffs site as a jumping off point, but I dont see a section for fish on his home page. I have all sorts of questions??? From where to buy it, what kind to buy, how much to buy, to brine it?, rub it?, what wood flavor?, what temp?, how long?. If someone could point me in the direction of a nice overview it would be appreciated. Any recipe, or guidelines, or personal dos and donts would be greatly appreciated. Also, If anyone has any other fish ideas that would be nice and easy to smoke please pass along as well.
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    as werdwolf said, all sorts of methods...
    I brine over night quite often, just depends on the brine mix and the use you plan for the fish. It can get too salty if you brine for long periods.
    I smoke at 200-225, I think an internal temp target is around 140 or higher, I do it by sight though, trying to pull it right as it changes color all the way through. It will continue to cook a bit after you pull it.
    I go with simple brines of kosher salt brown sugar and maybe onion or garlic powder. I prefer mine on the milder side and enjoy the smokey flavor of the fish.
    Good luck and be sure to post Q view!
    I do mostly steelhead which is really trout, but do the same when I catch king salmon.
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    We catch Chinook Salmon on the lake in the spring and summer and this is how I do mine. I've had lots of complements and while I'm not big on smoked fish, I have absolutely no trouble giving these away, in fact I usually have several people on the list for some if I get some done.

    I filet and scale the salmon filets and cut them into 3" wide sections (necessary as I try to spread this out to as many people as want this, but on smaller fish (5# or smaller) I've left these whole and they turn out well). I then brine these pieces in the following brine for 2 days.

    1/2 c Un-Iodized Salt
    1/2 c brown sugar
    1/2 T black pepper
    1/4 T paprika
    1/4 c honey

    Mix above ingredients with 2 C of Boiling water, Stir until dissolved. Add this to 3 qts of water and let cool. Place meat in brine and put in fridge, make more if needed. For salmon leave this soak 2 days.

    I then smoke the pieces with my Big Chief electric smoker with alder wood until they look like they are cooked (approximately 3 1/2 -4 hrs). My Big Chief is a fixed temp unit (I think about 185 degrees). Then I let this cool and package. I'll have to do a q'view in spring when I do this again. Good luck.
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    I've never used a brine mix of any type on Salmon. I've just peppered, smoked until I thought it was done when pink and ate it. If I had a lot of Salmon I would like to try it with some brown sugar too. Never had it that way but it sounds good.

    I have the last of this falls Salmon thawing out in the fridge right now. We'll be smoking it tomorrow afternoon...


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