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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by buddha65281, Jun 3, 2014.

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    Hello fellow Smokers!

    I just purchased my FIRST smoker, it is the Char-broil off set model 1280 (1,280 cu in cooking area). First, I don't have a dang clue what I am doing... LOL. I did just order a dummies book and I tried smoking a beef rib and a pork rib on my Weber grill.. it turned our good so I thought what the hey, might as well spend a couple dollars and learn how to do this right, RIGHT!

    So, being new I should intro myself. I am a veteran, retired and widowed. I love motorcycles, farm life, photography and cooking. I have made home made sour dough bread and loved it... moved on to a orange marmalade duck with homemade orange sauce. I have since purchased a Deep fryer for Turkey and I LOVE that taste.. Now, the latest and I hope I can make this one stick like BBQ sauce on my shirt... :)

    I live in S. Ohio and like I said I love motorcycles, I have 2 Hayabusa's and 2 older classics. I am a backyard mechanic, I love my 26 acre farm. I just returned from living abroad, I took up permanent residence in Wiesbaden Germany for 3 years. I returned Feb 2013 and I am currently working towards building or buying a home for my land.

    So, with that said, I welcome all your help and thoughts. I have seen mods for these grills but don't understand why everyone is trying to do them other than to keep the smoke in...

    I am having an extremely hard time keeping my temp steady or around 225, I cooked my last ribs at 170 for 4 hrs and they were damn good. I will pull these off in 30 min and coat them with brown sugar and wrap them in Alum for 1.5 hours... BTW, it is 3.53 am and I am up cooking ribs... go figure! LOL.

    Hope to strike up some good intellectual conversation as well as a few good friendships (which are rare these days)... So, I wish you all luck and perfection in your smoking endeavors.

    Just started raining here, I may have to pull my smoker in the garage... darn it.


    S. Ohio

    PS.. I am also into Metal Detecting and RC Airplanes(old hobby, not currently active).
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    Welcome to the board! I'm in Columbus.

    I'm running a similar offset and I love it. But they want attention like a steam locomotive.
  3. Good morning and welcome from East Texas, are you leaking much heat and smoke around the doors ? and check your temp gauge to make sure it is accurate.. 

    Gary S
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    BlueWhisper, I am considering just ditching this and buying the one I wanted. It is the Brinkmann Trailmaster limited"... I found one new for a somewhat reasonable price.

    Gary S, I have actually used silicone between the firebox and the grill. Last night I put beads of Silicone on the front door, sides of the top cover, the firebox cover and the firebox vent door. I wanted to share something with everyone on this site as I believe it may prove beneficial to all of us. I noticed that everyone (including myself) used that Permatex High Heat up to 300 degrees F.

    Well I have something that goes to 500 degrees F and it is BLACK Silicone... I think I will post it in the main section now...

    I smoked 2 more sets of ribs when I posted the first comment and they turned out good but I want to make some baffles and a expanded metal for a wood box.

    Gotta run and get my stuff...

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