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  1. So I went from a Master Forge Smoker 29 aka Green Machine to a Masterbuilt 1,200-Watt Electric Vertical Smoker on to the new Oklahoma Joe Longhorn model. Overall I'm happy with the purchase. I would have been happier if I could have gotten the Brinkman Trailmaster simply due to reduced amount of modding needed.

    Anyhow I had a question about setting up a coal basket. I'm in need of a quick fix right now and I was thinking about having the wife grabbing a deep fryer basket to substitute for a cook until I can get the proper coal basket setup.

    Doesn't know the measurements for a basket to fit in the side firebox of this smoker? I measured 17 length, 15 width 7 height.

    Thanks in advance guys and gals!
  2. Not sure what the measurements are but Horizon smokers sells them for the OK Joe's . best thing to do it either with wood or cardboard make a box that will fit inside the FB and make sure you can remove it and reinstall it with ease . But before you order one make sure you raise your grate in the FB about 4'' to allow more air flow then take your measurements .
  3. James thank you for the tip. I did not account for that 4 inches. I measured from the bottom grill sits inside the firebox. I was looking at New Horizons too. I like their tuning plate too!

    I'm working on seasoning tonight. Going to get a good high burn going with some hickory.
  4. i bought their convection plate and the quality was good. when I seasoned mine i saved up bacon ,sausage grease and coated the inside the let the smoke roll .
  5. Yea i still have alot of the factory oil...correction "had" alot of the factory oil on the inside door and cooking chamber. I ran a high hot burn last night. I coated with Pure Canola oil for now but I have plans to go back and clean it up with some hardwood smoked bacon grease.

    I want to get a second thermometer nearest the firebox. Horizon is going to get an order from me soon for the tuning plate and coal basket. Today or tomorrow I'll stop and get some dryer duct for the exhaust. I'm looking forward to a good summer on this thing!  
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    also you might need to make a different size for your smoker because i made this for my Brinkmann Trail Master
  8. Freakin Nice work with the link there BBQ Freak. I actually have a old buddy at my last job cutting one for me. We found some 9 gauge wire. It's rusted but I don't think that will matter one bit.

    I showed him the tuning plate and he can't make it so I'll end up buying it.

    What is the right thermal sealant to use to plug up leaks? Where can I grab a good second thermometer to fit in that hole closest to the firebox?
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