Need suggestions for Temp gauging. Therms, stokers, mods etc??

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    Ok so first off thanks for all who respond and help me in the process.  I am trying to finalize my first smoking pit with modifications I've read help with temp control.  

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    I am using a Brinkman Trailmaster Limited Edition-  I have a list of modifications for it

    Completed Mods     

         - I sealed the entire thing with Rutland high heat silicone.  firebox, connection from pit to box, and chimney..everything

         - Sealed the pit and firebox lid with wool gaskets from

         -  Put the 200lb clamps on either side of the lid

         - Charcoal basket made from expanded metal  12x10x6

         -  Baffle at a 45 degree angle with tuning plates as well.  4-6'' plates..2-3'' plates

    Mod's to come-

         - Grate level thermometers-2- one on either side of handle

        -  Chimney extension to grate height

        -  Opening w/ stopper for thermometer probes

        -  Stoker system

    First questions for the professionals.  I am contemplating thermometers.  Do I need to install grate height thermometers on the lid if I am going to utilize digital thermometers with grate probes?  Everything I have thus far points me towards getting a Maverick ET 733 when they are released in October.  If I plan on getting a stoker am I wasting money getting the really nice thermometer as well?  What stokers do yall recommend?  IQ 210?  Am I better off just using the thermometers on the stoker?  I have the ability to get some Maverick Et 73's older therms for 15$ a piece.  So I figured I could use them in conjuncture with the stoker.  Looking for some guidance on this subject.  Thank you for the help so far.  I purchased and performed all of the modifications based off of information read on these forums so far.    

  2. eman

    eman Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member

    I really can't see the need for grate thermos if you will be using the et and the stoker.

     besides unless you buy high dollar calibrated thermos you can't count on them being accurate.
  3. islandqking

    islandqking Newbie

    Do you see a need for me to spend the $ on a nice et 732 or 733 if I plan on using a stoker which is only a little bit more. I would just get a cheap et 73 for grate temps ...I can get an et 73 for 15$.

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