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  1. a friend wants me to smoke a rear hind rump roast for him. my question is what do I brine it in and do I use a dry rub or inject it
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    Is this a beef roast? I would marinade in worchestershire sauce over night and in the morning throw a generous portion of black pepper and garlic powder. Then smoke at 235 until you get an internal temp of 140 let it rest wrapped in foil for an hour. Slice thin on sammies or enjoy as a main course.

    Hope this helps,

    Btw take pictures of each step and post them!
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    I got some easy and great tips on this forum , I could not smoke a chuck roast to save my life and got this tip : Cover generously with a sweeter rub the night before , Smoke about 3hrs at 225 put in a pan with a can of Dr Pepper foil and cook at about 210 for 4 to 5hrs . wrap and let rest for 1 to 2hrs . Turned out great !!!

    PS you can pour the drippings from the pan into a bowl stick it into the freezer for 30 mins to an hour pry the fat off the top reheat for Au Jus
  4. I just gave mine a food rub of "Magic Dust", found on this site search, the night before, cooked it 240*-250* for 4-5 hrs. (roast was boned and tied approx. 21 lbs.) Beef is far left.

    Pulled it off 135*, wrapped for 1/2 hr., came out perfect.

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