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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by reefermike, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. reefermike

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    I need a new cooker. My wife really wants me to buy. Char-griller ackorn. I have had some reservations . I need a simple cooker . Want one that I can smoke pork butts , ribs, pretty much the basics . However I would like the opportunity to grill a quick steak or chicken now and then . I have been thinking a kettle or wsm. Once gain I want something that once dialed in you are good to go for a while . If the wsm. Which size s it is really only the wife and I . Thanks
  2. gomez93

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    A 22" kettle would do what you have described. You don't say what your budget is but a kettle AND WSM would have you set for life. Both of those can usually be found on places like Craigslist or garage sales and Weber's hold up so well that buying used is not much of a risk. The biggest concern to me would be the grates which are readily available.
  3. phatbac

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    I would get wsm and a kettle. The wsm 18 can handle most things but you wont regret going 22! The 22 kettle can do your burgers dogs etc and even a pork butt if you want.

    You can go wsm 18 and 22 kettle for under $400 and they will last forever if taken care of.
    Just my $.02

    Happy Smoking,
  4. muralboy

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    I'm not going to open a can of worms by adding any other options, but with the kettle option there are many accessories that can open up all sorts of possibilities.  Fire Butler is a gravity feed device for weber kettles that gives you all sorts of options including a long smoke, zone cooking and a griddle.
  5. sauced

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    I have a 22" kettle, great for grilling. Then I bought a slow N sear which turns the kettle into a smoker. I also bought a hover rack which goes on top of the main rack to give you a maximum 3 levels of smoking. The kettle holds temps real easy.
  6. Recently I was making the same decision between a wsm or a kettle. I decided to go for the kettle, and to build a mini wsm using a smokey joe. I got the best of both worlds, and for cheaper than a brand new wsm.

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