Need some advice on New PCC Backyard Model (Please Help)

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by harleysmoker93, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Peoria Cistom Cookers is almost ready to ship my new smoker. I was wondering if I should have them drill some holes for temp probes? If so where? In the center below the door or off to one side or the other? Or should I go through the door? I was just curious what everyone else does. Right now on my OK Joes I just let the door pinch down on them.

    I was also hoping someone could give me some advice on a BBQ Guru or Stokoke. I was wondering if the are worth the money and would one be beneficial to my new smoker. I am not really sure if I would get one right away but I could have them drill some holes and prep it now if I was going to get one.

    Thanks for any input.
  2. Please help. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I have to let them know by tomorrow if I want anything else done.

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    I've never had ports for my temp probes, I just let the door sit on them and never had a problem. on my current build I may look into doing it tho. I'm just trying to figure out how to plug the hole once I've run the probe through it. I would probably have it done. if its a two door, go in between the doors, single door I'd get two temp meters and one on each end. wouldn't go through the door cause when you open the door it'll pick up the cords and get in the way.

    I've been looking into the guru and stoker pieces but I don't think i'll add them to mine. I can't justify the cost, once you learn how your pit cooks maintaining temp isn't a problem.

    with a bigger offset your gonna have to add wood to it anyways, and my cabinet cooker is fully insulated so once its set i never touch it anyways. so i really can't see where i personally would need it. that will come down to a preference item for you and your cooking style.
  4. Yoder is using what they call cable glands in the hole of smoker for the temp ports.  It is used in the non smoker world to seal up cables or wires running into a control box.  To keep out water ect.  I have found them on amazon or call Yoder they have them for like 20 bucks..
  5. Thank you guys for the advice. I think I will have them drill the holes on both sides of the door for two temp meters. I will the find the cable glands show me the smoke recommended. I don't think I will have anything done to prep for a bbq guru. I don't think I will ever end up using one.

    Thanks again.

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