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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by mokey, Jul 3, 2010.

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    I am not new to smoke, but I am new here.  I have been smoking for many years, but never tried to smoke hotwings.  I have a OK Joes Deluxe Smoker, and a New Bransefels Hondo Deluxe and my lazy smoker is a BBQ Grillware vertical gas fired.  I have chosen to use the BBQ G ware today.  I just threw on about 40 or so wings, and Im not sure when to sauce them.  My sauce is Franks, Coke, Butter and  spices.  The second sauce is for the sissys ... I mean my wife and neigbors wife. It consist of the same thing, but with BBQ instead of Franks.  When should I add the sauce? Now or later .  Im smoking these fire crackers at 270 for 2.5 hours then I  I will sear them on the gas grill to crisp them.  I didnt seperate the parts. I left the wings whole. Any tips??
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    I would sauce the ones you are using the Franks on about 20 minutes before you think they are ready to go on the grill - I like my sauce to "dry" a little.

    The ones with BBQ sauce I would be careful with because the sugar in the BBQ sauce might burn -

    Sine you are doing your wings at 270, how about just cranking up the heat to 300 or so and keeping them indirect - then ou shouldn't need to worry too much about a burn.

    I like to do my chicken raised direct - about 12 inches from the flame... it cooks it and crisps up the skin in one fell swoop.
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    They turned out great. I did 3.5 hr on smoke, then sauced and grilled for 5 minutes, then repeted the sauce and grill step 4 times.

    It  was a good crisp skin, with super tender meat.   They could have been hotter, but noone else around here could handle more heat. I sprinkled mine with c pepper and crushed r pepper flakes.

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