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    I am trying to find an authentic recipe for French Toulouse style garlic sausage. Everything I have tried or found ends up tasting just like Polish kielbasa. I have had this sausage when I was living in Germany and it did not taste like Polish sausage, but its been too long to really be able reverse engineer the taste from memory. Anybody have any ideas?
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    Saucisses De Toulouse
    5 lbs course ground pork butt
    2 tbsp. Salt
    3 tbls. Sugar
    1 tsp. Quatre-epices
    1 cup water

    Combine all ingredients, mix well and stuff into hog casings. Tie off every 6-8 inches. To cook, fry or grill.
    This is from the Sausage-Making Cookbook by Jerry Predika

    Quarrel Spices is as follows

    5 tsps ground white pepper
    1 tsp ground ginger
    1 tsp freshly grated nutmeg
    1/2 tsp ground clove
    1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

    Hope this helps it is all I found maybe just add garlic a little at a time untill you find something you like.
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    Thanks, I will give it a shot. No red wine in the recipe.... Thats different from a lot of the ones I found from the UK websites.
  4. If you want to attempt to mimic Saucisse de Toulouse you must look no further than southern France.
    The only seasoning in authentic Saucisse de Toulouse is salt and pepper, that's it, nothing more!!!!
    You must use premium pepper and the best pork that's coarsely ground.

    Salt-16 grams per kilo
    Ground Black Pepper- 3 grams per kilo

    A little water.

    • Grind the pork with a #10 plate (the size of your index finger).
    • Add salt and pepper to water; pour water over meat and mix with your hands
    • Stuff into casings.
    • Cook while fresh or freeze.

    Proportions and details from Kate Hill of Southern France.

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