My husband are new to the smoker world and need some help

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  1. Hi. I just got a brink Mann vertical charcoal smoker.
    My first question is, could we use wood instead of charcoal to save money?
    Second question is , we plan to do a lot of whole chickens so we have left overs...what's the best way to smoke a whole chicken? Using a rub? Should we get a large chicken or a few smaller ones? Ok that's a few questions, last one... Any tips for beginners?
  2. Get your self a good thermometer And cook to IT not by time. Remember to post a QVIEW.

    Happy smoken.

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    I agree with Dave.  Experience will be your best teacher, try the many different methods and choose what is best for you.  Keeping good notes is essential. Note the product, amount, preparation, heat, time, type of wood, color and density of smoke and end result.  Maybe the following will help.

    Understanding Smoke Management - updated 5/18/13

  4. Yup - a good smoke log will prove invaluable down the road as you try all types of things out & are learning what works for you...  [​IMG]
  5. Thank you. I picked up to small chickens and charcoal this morning. I took the back bones out. I never thought I would do that, I done know why I guess I assumed it was hard to do. So not the case. They are in the brine now and will stay for a few hours I have a good rub for them. Do I lay the cut side of the chicken down? I'm excited!
  6. Yes lay the cut side down when you smoke  [​IMG]

  7. I think im going to start them now. That would be almost three hours to cook for it to be a good time to eat. Should I start now or wait? Also I don't have lighter fluid to soak the charcoal.. Am I s out of luck?
  8. I tried and failed to find any info on meat to bone ratio (large v small birds)  

    I would guess that larger birds have more meat % v bone, per bird, but that's me guessing.  

    I don't know if anyone else has any thoughts.  

    I guess then you have to ponder, is the flavour the same and such like.
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  9. 3 hours should be plenty of time for you.

    [​IMG]   [​IMG]   [​IMG]   [​IMG]   [​IMG]    Lighter fluid?!?!?!?  Read this thread please

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