My First use of the Cookshack Smokette

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by homerargo, Sep 15, 2013.

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    This was my first run with the Smokette Elite with two Baby Back Rib racks loaded, although I think the meat source cheated a bit and got into spare ribs territory.  I used mesquite with ribs and rubbed with K.C. Rub from About.Com ( a lot of brown sugar, then Paprika, then the usual other stuff in much smaller doses. )  After rub, in the fridge  for about 20 hours.  Smoked at 225 degrees for about two hours, at which point the internal probe was spot on with my Thermopen at 176 degrees.  I meant to remove the wood box when internal temp got to about 160 and simply cook with heat after that point, but missed it.  However the meat was not bitter from too much smoke.  Result was a bit dry, so added a commercial BBQ sauce on these in the microwave for something under a minute.  They were then O.K.  Ate half of one rack with wife, and saved the rest which is the image.  I think the next time with the same rub and wood, I would smoke longer at a lower temp.

    As for the Smokette Elite unit itself:  The door leaked smoke on the upper latch side corner, which in spite of all the hype about insulation made the unit top way too hot to touch on the entire right quadrant.  On the other hand, the internal probe was – as I said above – absolutely calibrated with my Thermopen.  This is a heavy, solid piece of equipment which  worked, and it is a keeper for now.
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    As I understand it, with Cookshacks, a little smoke leakage from the door is normal for the first few uses. After that, it should seal up better.
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    Thanks, mneeley490.  This is interesting -- hope you're right!
  4. Call CS customer service.  CS customer service is top notch. 

    I've had a 066 for 5 years, no problems.
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  5. Yup...should seal right're gonna love your CS!--keep us up to date :)
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    My 12 year old smokette no longer leaks any smoke, and never had an issue with it, it has done a crapload of meats, cheeses, taters cabbage, nuts, peppers. I love it just wish it was a tad bit bigger I think the Elite has 18x18 racks where mine are only 14x14.

    Ribs in mine and I usually do spares using a rib rack so I can get more in are done in about 5-6 hours at 225.

    I don't know that I would take out the wood box and only cook with the element and have stuff dripping on it.
  7. I am envious. I'm smoking with a weber kettle right now. Saving for a cookshack though. Can't wait to post my first cookshack smoke.
  8. mneeley490

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    Nothing wrong with a Weber kettle. I own 3 smokers and a propane grill, but I still use my Weber OTG the most.

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