My first batch of sausage and some questions

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  1. I made up 17lbs of sausge today 5 lbs was pops breakfast sausage and the other was Italian sausage that i got off the forum. All in all it went well for my first Time stuffing sausage and it won't be the last!

    I used 2 fresh hams from a fl hog i killed 2 weeks ago and i added 3lbs of fat to 14lbs of met to give me a 20% fat ratio. I think they were still a bit dry so next time i will try for 30% fat. I only stuffed 5lbs of the sausage cause i use more bulk sausage then linked.

    Now my questions
    How do you get the sausage out of the stuffing tube once you are done stuffing he casings?

    Is there a way to get all of your meat to stuff into the casings or do you always have meat left in the bottom of the
  2. There will always be some left. Some people use a few pieces of bread to get the last out. If not you can manually clear the tube and cook that portion fresh in a patty.
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    I made a pusher out of a coat hanger. I will stuff a piece of paper towel into the tube and push the meat out into the casing.  just be sure not to leave the paper towel in the sausage LOL

    Nice job on the sausage...............[​IMG]
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  4. I put some plastic wrap over the stuffing tube that best fits inside to push the sausage meat out.
    For the smallest stuffing tube, I use a wooden spoon handle.

    I use a rubber spatula to scrape any remaining sausage meat to the exit and push it through with a wad of paper towels wrapped in plastic wrap.
    No leftover sausage meat in the stuffer, just some residue.

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    I put my finger over the end of the tube, then crank backwards like heII.  This creates a vacuum.   When I let go of the end, the meat is sucked back into the stuffer.  This then goes to the "fry pan"
  6. I looked through my bag of goodies and found some wood dowels that fit inside my various stuffing tubes, scrubbed them clean and use them.
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    I like Shannons method!! 

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