Moving up to a WSM (I hope)

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by nysmokes, Mar 16, 2010.

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    Looks like winter is finally clearing here in Upstate NY. I want to thank everyone here who helped and encouraged me last year. I had a few good smokes because of all the suggestions from this site.

    I want to upgrade to a Weber Smokey Mountain - seems like you all have great things to say about them. I love smoking food - it is a blast and you really feel like you have done something special taking all day to prepare a meal. I usually only smoke for my family, and maybe a buddy or two as I dont have the total confidence yet.

    My only issue is convincing the wife that I need the WSM, considering I still have the Electric Brinkman sitting in the garage. Not sure she will be all that understanding about needing another smoker (along with our gas and charcoal grill).

    Anyway - I bought the low & slow book and have been doing my reading over the winter along with the ecourse and the forums. I really cant wait for my first true charcoal smoke - just not sure when that might be .

    Any suggestions on the WSM? I am planning on going with the 22 over the 18 I think. Seems like everyone finds them pretty easy to use, so wish me luck on my latest proposal to the wife!
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    NYSMOKES, I would buy the 22" WSM over the 18" simply for the added capacity. From comments on SMF the extra few is nominal and not a big factor. I really think you will be very happy once you fire up your new 22" and taste the Q from it.

    Ok I don't own a WSM, wish I did, but I chose my MES based on my life and work habits 2 years ago, and it was a perfect fit. However I intend to get a WSM in the future.

    What to tell the wife, if your wife is like mine, she likes seeing me happy, especially if I have been doing my job, taken care of her and the kids. Mine knows I like to cook especially outdoors, and so anything that will keep me doing the cooking and she can relax is a win win for her. Another benefit was it expanded our summer entertaining, from one big BBQ to 3 or 4, as well as just an extra friend or two for dinner. Those get togethers are the source of a lot of fun memories. Our kids invite their friends and thus we got to know who they hang out with, and now they are in their 20s and we had no surprises through high school or college.

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