MES30 Thermostat Problem

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cekkk, May 24, 2014.

  1. I'm smoking some ribs today and have run into a problem keeping the temperature up.  Actually, the termostat seems to work properly but the temperature reading is showing temp in the 270s, although the Maverick shows 219 right now.  So I have to set the temp to 275 to get the element to go on, and then it shuts down after a few degrees of rise, thinking it's at temperature. 

    I opened it and let the temp drop a few degrees, but I still got a reading of 265, so the element is still shutting down after a brief rise.  Luckily this didn't begin until I removed the ribs to foil them.  That's when the problem started, so they are just about done. 

    Is there anything I might do to cure this or do I need a new control?
  2. I am fairly new here so certainly not an expert but I do own the same unit. The controllers are notoriously off several degrees, some over, some under. Most seem to learn to adjust accordingly using a Maverick or similar unit that is known to be accurate.

    I personally scraped the controller and added a PID but it costs as much as the MES by the time I was finished, However my temps are now spot on and I can program in a schedule that will automatically raise the temps to different set points over several hours (if desired).

    Search the MES group  and you will find many with the same issue.
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  3. My unit has been off around 25 degrees from Day 1, but that's no problem.  This problem is more of a wag the dog problem.  If the unit thinks it's 275 degrees and the max setting is 275, it's not going to allow the element to come on.  

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