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  1. I've been searching the threads and im unclear if people are using the AMNS only or are using the AMNS while running the electric smoker. Also does anyone have a pic of how the pellets are to be loaded in the MES? I saw were someone stated that you would have to replenish the pellets every 30-40 mins. Some have said they are also not getting a really good smoke so I would assume this is more like an outdoor oven? Do you need to add a water pan to the MES if using the AMNS? If so does that mean you can only use three racks instead of the four. Not finding good picks.

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  3. im wanting to go with the MES 40" because i need to smoke 12 racks of BB ribs for the Ttian/Pitsburgh game on Oct 9th.  I was looking at the MES but saw were people use the AMNS and wanted to know if i could just use that for hot smoking at 225 degrees instead of plugging it in or should i do both, run the temp MES and light the AMNS
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    You have to run your MES, because the AMNS won't put out much heat.

    If you're going to use heat at 225˚, you should get the AMNPS with pellets, because the AMNS with dust could jump across rows.

    If all you have is an AMNS with dust, and you want to use it in a smoker at 225˚, just fill the outside rows, so it can't jump across the rows.

  5. thanks!
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