MES 40 at Sams discontinued?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by robflys, May 21, 2012.

  1. Hi all. Been lurking on here for a long time.

    Was trying to discover the best smoker for me and reading all the great posts here led me to MES40. By far, the best deal on the unit is at

    So, figured I'd join SAMs and get one; however, there are only 3 stores out of about 12 near me that have the unit. I called one to see if they really had them in stock before driving down and he said he had 8 of them...then added that it is a deleted item and they can't get any more.

    From people's prior experience, does this mean they're getting the 2012 model to replace it? The SAMs dude on the phone couldn't say.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Stumbled across this version on Amazon....doesn't seem a bad deal considering the free shipping, no tax, no sams membership fee, etc..... and it looks like it's all stainless steel. 

    Does anyone else know any differences bewteen the Sams and Amazon model?


  3. I just got the one from Sams and I couldn't be happier! I asked about the price and customer service said that they only buy so many and its a seasonal item so when they get to a certain amount left in inventory that the price drops to help assure they all go. I have seen the new model and other than having a different look I'm not sure what would affect the finished product and you know it will be priced higher. Some have said that they are using a lower wattage element in the new model but I'm not sure if that's true. Anyway, we just finished dinner which was a 5lb Chicken and it was awesome!!! I wrote a post over in the poultry section about it. Good Luck!
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  4. Robflys,

    It looks to be identical to the one I got at Sam's a few months ago
  5. thanks for the reply....

    The price on Amazon seems pretty good once I take tax and the sams membership out of the equation. I think the Amazon one is the same as the Sam's with all stainless.....(it's not the new 2012 model......). 

    glad your chicken came out great! I'll go read about it! Thanks 
  6. Thanks! I'm thinking the Sam's warranty for $30 that everybody seems to talk about may be a good idea....but then again I have a $70 gift card for Amazon......decisions!
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  7. I would buy it from Sams just because if there's any problems out of the box, you can easily get another. I wasn't aware of a warranty offered at Sams but be sure to ask what it covers because on a different note, I bought our sons new bikes from Wal Mart and also got the warranty figuring that the kids would tear them up but when one bike had a broken spoke and the other a bent rim (2 weeks later) they said all it covered was the frame so it was pretty much useless. Another reason to buy it from Sams, they sell ribs, brisket, pork butts, etc...
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  8. tjohnson

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    Tough decision......

    I purchased all (3) of my MES 40's at SAMS Club

    Last one I paid $200 cuz it was the last on on the.  The next week they had 2 pallets of them!!

    The deal at Amazon looks pretty good, especially of you already have Amazon Points to use up.

    Does Amazon offer an extended warranty?

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  9. Thanks for the reply.... I went ahead and got it from Sam's. I do have the Amazon credit, but i'm SURE i'll get something else with it....always do!

    Anyway, Amazon didn't offer an extended warranty and I figured that paying $19 more for the unit plus $39 for THREE years of warranty, plus the membership (got a business one for $35) wasn't such a bad deal. Anyway, i'll probably get good use from the membership over the next year, so hopefully that will be a good value.

    Hey, are you the Amaze-N-Pellet-Smoker guy? if so, you're my next stop! :)

    Thanks again,

  10. deltadude

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    The Sam's warranty is almost a no questions asked warranty, in other words you are COVERED if something fails.  Many SMF members who bought their MES thru Sams also bought the warranty and over a 6 year period I have heard nothing but good.

    I also bought my MES 40 6 years ago from Sam's and at the time they had a 1 year warranty for $15, you might check that out, the MES factory warranty I believe is 90 days.  The sams warranty is a good reason to buy from Sams although some new owners have reported they had a initial problem with their MES and returned them to Sam's no problem with the return/exchange and were happy with both Sams service and the replacement MES.

    My purchase of the MES is what prompted me to join Sams, we already were members and still are of Costco.  I have kept the membership at Sams active, I think I buy just enough and save just enough to warrant the membership fee.  If you buy groceries at Costco, their packaging/quantity often forces you to buy way more than you need, however the price justifies it.  Our local Sams has started offering similar products in smaller quantity packaging, and still passes on significant savings, so I really appreciate that.

    BTW it is common knowledge that ALL Sams do NOT stock the MES.  For years it was only a midwest & east coast item, they finally have them in one Sam's here in Sacramento.  I had to order mine Online and pay shipping but even then it was only $299, so still a great deal at the time.
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  11. chef jimmyj

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    Biggest difference is this one at Amazon is an all Stainless Steel model. I have not heard any issues with the Sam's model so if you have a membership it's a great deal...JJ
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  12. Got my MES 40 from BassPro store...because they price matched Sam's and if you open a BassPro charge you got and additional 10% off your purchases that unit cost me $270....but you need to have a BassPro store near by to do that
  13. deltadude

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    All Stainless is worth the extra money, IMHO, my MES 40 is all stainless.
  14. I got my MES 40 at Sam's online Sat., should be delivered before holiday weekend.  I orignally ordered on from Amazon as I hod not remewed my club membership, however Amazon was out of stock and canceled the order there after waiting 7-10 days for order to be filled. I also ordered an amazen smoker after reading the excellent reviews....I didn't know about the warrantry offer though
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  15. My BassPro doesn't stock it :(
  16. Yeah, I agree, but went with the Sam's model to get the warranty.... oh well!
  17. Thanks for all the replies........

    The WORST part is the smoker is sitting in it's opened box in my garage because my work called me out of town for a few days (I'm a pilot), but I can't wait to get back and rip into the whole thing (hope I'm home for a few days to check it out!!) 
  18. Hello,

    New to the forum, but a long time smoker and BBQ guy.  I've been to the local SAM's club and seen a pallet of these there for the $299.00.  Looking closely, it is marked as a model 20070211.  Stainless front, black sides, wheels, remote and a 1200 watt element.  Looking at the decoder for the model number, it is a MES Version 2 of 2011.


    Mark W.
  19. deltadude

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    They all cook/smoke great, so you are still getting a top notch smoker at a vgood price.
  20. jjrolex

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    Does anyone know if the MES 40 will be discontinued at Sams, or just that model, because it's probably not available anymore? Will they eventually carry the newest model?

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