Masterbuilt New Generation 40-Inch Smoker with Viewing Window and RF RemoteControl for $238.66 with

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  1. Hi,

    I'm new here but wanted to let you all know of the Deal that Amazon has going until June 30th.

    I Purchased the 2012 Masterbuilt 40" for

    Initial price 360.82

    Less 20% discount for Amazon Visa discount -72.16 valid until June 30 (Must be sold and shipped by Amazon)

    50.00 instant credit for new Amazon Visa signup

    Free Shipping for amazon prime members

    So the grand total with all the discounts was 238.66 delivered.

    I know some don't want to signup for another credit card but i will use it just for this purchase pay the whole balance and then just cancel the Visa and have saved 122.16.

  2. Do you have a link?  Not seeing that deal
  3. Here ya go

    Just look at any Masterbuilt Smoker and this box with the 20% off  it will then take you to a page with the Visa card application.

    Once you apply you get the money in your amazon account and you use the Promo code Garden20 and you get  the 20% off


    June Savings on Select Purchases in Patio & Garden
    Through June 30, 2012, save 20% on select items in Patio & Garden with the Rewards Visa Card. Products must be shipped and sold by Other restrictions apply; see terms and conditions. Learn more

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  4. indyadmin1974

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    Very cool!  I didn't do that on mine because I don't have any self control so I'd use that card like a tornado in a trailer park.  Such a good deal though for folks looking to get a new smoker and can junk the credit card afterwards.
  5. Well Crap Amazon Cancelled My Order too now!!!

    But the good news is that i went out and bought the Green Mountain Daniel Boone Stainless Steel pellet grill with wireless remote.

    Got a great deal and put it together last night.

  6. tjohnson

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    That Sux!

    Gander mountain did that to me on a sweet online deal on a 15# stuffer

    I ordered it and my CC got charged for the transaction

    A week later I got a notice that the stuffer would not be shipped

    They now had the same model for almost 2 times the sale price

    I fought and argued, but got nowhere

    Good Luck with your GMG DB...You're gonna dig it!


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