makin bacon Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by eppo, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. eppo

    eppo Meat Mopper

    Just saw a thread of someone making bacon, seems like something to try. Is it worth it? Does it turn out a lot better than store bought bacon?

    I'm sure i know the answer to this one, but would like to hear some opinions.
  2. jrod62

    jrod62 Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    Yes !!!!!!! Bacon you make yourself is so much better .
  3. scarbelly

    scarbelly Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    It is like night and day different 
  4. kryinggame

    kryinggame Smoking Fanatic

    I've been thinking the same question for months. You guys who make bacon put a lot of time and effort into it. Why is it worth it? Why not just go to Costco and get the double pack of thick Hickory bacon for $12.99?
  5. Costco doesn't sell the kind of bacon that can be made at home.
    Commercial bacon is waterlogged crap.

    Wait time is long, but actual effort involved is minimal.

    The wait is certainly worth it.

  6. jrod62

    jrod62 Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    If that the case why smoke pulled pork for 16 hours when you can just go buy it at walmart.
    half the fun is doing it yourself. As far as time and effort. 5 minutes to make the brine then stick it in the frig.
    Two weeks later out of the frig and into the smoker and light the AMNSP . Let it go for 12 hours and done .
    Knowing you made it yourself makes it taste even better.Thumbs Up
  7. alblancher

    alblancher Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    Kind of like comparing prosciutto to Hormel hams
  8. thoseguys26

    thoseguys26 Master of the Pit

  9. kryinggame

    kryinggame Smoking Fanatic

    Wow, I've made some enemies here. lol

    Some things appeal to different people. For me, sitting something in the fridge for 2 weeks is not appealing. But you know what, I think I'm going to give it a try and see what it's all about. You guys know me, I'm going to be very vocal about it as well as the results.
  10. chef jimmyj

    chef jimmyj Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member

    [​IMG]  Heck Yeah It's Worth It! These older guys can tell more but when I was a Kid in the 60's, Bacon had Flavor! It was actually Smoked not injected with smoke flavor. It didn't Shrivel from a 12" strip to a 2" whisper of it's former self. And when you got Thick Cut, you couldn't see through it! I only started making Bacon in the last year since I found this Forum and can honestly tell you home made is soooo much better. It tastes like when I was a kid. The only time I use store bought Bacon is for wrapping stuff like ABT's and that is only because I don't own a Slicer...JJ
  11. rawk

    rawk Fire Starter

    Yeah, it's worth it.  It is soooooooo much better.  My kid (2 years old) will only eat my bacon, not the store bought stuff. :)
  12. I grew up on a farm slaughtering our hogs, beef etc and good homemade smoked bacon. I make belly bacon and buckboard, and have an 8 lb butt curing as I type this. It will be smoked on Monday. We just polished off the last package of homemade last night in BLTs...then had to fry some from Costco. What a huge difference - no grease popping etc from the homemade, but my stove looked like it had been sprayed by a grease gun when I finished with the Costco. 
  13. eppo

    eppo Meat Mopper

    Definitly going to add this to my "TODO" list. Sounds Tasty!
  14. danelmore

    danelmore Fire Starter

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  15. kryinggame

    kryinggame Smoking Fanatic

    Amen brother, well said!
  16. thoseguys26

    thoseguys26 Master of the Pit

    I think bacon is one of the easiest things to make because you only spend about 20-30 minutes trimming the pork belly and putting on a dry rub. Put in fridge for a week. It takes another 20 minutes to wash it off, heat the smoker, and rub some maple syrup on it. 9 hours later I pull it out.

    That's pretty easy compared to pulled pork, wings, fatties, etc. My biggest enjoyment with homemade bacon is knowing that I'm not eating all the weird sugars, artificial flavorings & preservatives that the store bought has in it.
  17. indyadmin1974

    indyadmin1974 Smoking Fanatic

    Doing a dry cure mix and getting my pork belly started took less than half an hour.  Yeah it takes several days to a week before you can smoke it but it takes me longer to get through the grocery than it did to get my first batch of bacon ready to cure.

    Of everything I've ever prepped to smoke this has by far been the easiest.  There is no fuss or fanfare.  My wife, who has supported all of my strange smoking ventures, literally said, "You're done already?"

    I guess its a state of mind.  And an unhealthy love of pork goodness...
  18. kryinggame

    kryinggame Smoking Fanatic

    Tell you what, you make it and send over to me so that I can enjoy it.

    I wouldn't even know where to buy a pork belly. I'm sure they're not sold in grocery stores.
  19. thoseguys26

    thoseguys26 Master of the Pit

    Hahaha - I do have to make some more next week! We'll see [​IMG]

    I have overnighted frozen fresh sausages & smoked turkey legs to my brothers in WI multiple times!

    For the bellies, ask the meat guy at your grocery store if he can order you one or if there's a local butcher around, they'll definitely have them. My regular grocery guy orders me tri-tips whenever I want some.
  20. ddemerath

    ddemerath Smoke Blower

    I have been doing my own bacon for the past year.  we ran out last month and had some store bought bacon.  In our opinion, my bacon is better hands down.  I can also slice it any thickness I want.  Once you make it, you will never go back to store bought.  It is very easy to do also.  The last batch we made was done using Pops Wet Brine and a dry rub. Taste test said that the dry rubbed bacon was better in the opinion of 6 of us.  The dry rub does come out with a saltier taste.  Don't get me wrong, the wet brine was good too.

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