Looking for Advise regarding adding an BBQGuru on my Brinkmann Stillwater

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    After cutting my teeth on a crappy 2012 series Brinkman I graduated to a salvaged Limited edition Brinkmann Stillwater I spend some time reconditioning, and it's served me very well with a couple mod's (Baffle, Firebox etc).

    In an effort to save time, effort and take the smoke to the next level I am considering picking up a BBQ Guru, but hesitate just because Stillwater is 1/4"+ plate, and any modification is going to be fairly permanent.

    My questions:

    1) Does the BBQguru or it's like really make enough of a difference to warrant the expense?

    2) Assuming Yes, could I mount it on the inside bottom of the offset firebox (rather than on the same side as the air flow vent). I want to avoid the visible extension of the BBQ Guru, and it seems like it would be more protected that way.

    Thanks for the time!

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