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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by damascusmaker, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. Picked up this week at Academy Sports on clearance for $14, included the screen. Figured a good opportunity to give it a try to see if I like ground jerky. 

    So here is the experiment about 2 hours in on the pellet smoker. Used the "Sweet & Spicy" last night. Left on smoke (around 120) for about an hour and a half then went to 180. I had my grocery meat room grind a chuck tender roast, looked very lean and the butcher was nice enough to remove the silver skin before grinding. Only used 1 pound for this try.

    I think it's close!

    Well, It finally cooled and I tried it.  I'll be watching for a deal on a higher quality gun!  I would guess this is something I'll be doing regularly.
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    I've done ground pork with the same sweet and spicy with excellent results
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    They look great! Enjoy!
  4. Thanks, The pork jerky sounds very interesting. I didn't know pork could be used this way. What cut do you use? 
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    When I made snack sticks, I made 3 different kinds--all beef, half beef and half pork, and all pork.  There was no noticeable differenct between the all beef and the half and half.  The all ground pork was exceptionally good!!!  My next batch will be all pork.  The bonus here is that pork is about half the price of beef, so I can make twice as much.

    As for your jerky gun, I use Cabella's Jerky Pistol (smaller version of their Jerky Gun).  Love it.  Works easily and perfectly.  Highly recommend it.

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    Looks great!

  7. Neat blog , Disco.

    GaryH, Now I have to try the pork jerky. I think the gun will be OK for a while. It's just a little flimsy and the cylinder doesn't line up great with the piston. I'm a tool guy and notice things like that. 
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    DM, Looks good !

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