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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by sseriouss1, May 11, 2014.

  1. Good afternoon y'all. Here's another Brinkman Electric Gourmet user. I bought it used and have used it twice so far. First try was a chicken with a half can of sprite inside and garlic olive oil on the outside. I couldn't help but check it too often so it took 6 hours to reach temp but my oh my, this is going to happen again. Second try was a chum salmon cut into 4 pieces and rubbed with garlic olive oil, and yes there's a pattern developing here. Took 5 hours before I gave up. I think the fish was long in the tooth, texture was wrong. I got it very dry so something to drink while eating it was a must. I got used to it and by the time I was finishing it off I was wishing there was more.

    I research everything too much so it takes a while but so far you folks are an absolute wealth of information and experience. I look forward to learning more and trying lots of other meats and techniques. I have an old plywood crate that I am considering turning into a smoke house if I get the time.

    Pre marinated petite tenderloin this weekend, will try to get some pictures.
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum, sorry to hear your salmon wasn't exactly the way you wanted it. Double check your temp gauges to make sure they are accurate.

    Gary S
  4. Thanks for the tip Gary, unfortunately the Brinkman I have
    doesn't have a temp gauge or control. I am going to try a dry brine
    next time and see if that works.

    My petite filet was over cooked by the time it was up to 140f today but
    lots of smoke. Hickory and cherry all the way. Next time I'll go for 30min then wrap it in foil to rest until the grill is scorching hot and finish there. I do like my beef bloody.
  5. That's an easy fix get a good temp gauge see what size hole you need, drill it, install the gauge and it will take out the guessing 

    Gary S
  6. Considering getting a Masterbuilt. That will also take out the guessing:)
  7. Haha, can't wait to try out my new 30" MES!

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