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Discussion in 'SMF News' started by azkitch, Jul 21, 2010.

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    I haven't been around on this forum much lately. First, I'd like to say thanks to all of the members whose wisdom in the realm of TBS I have harvested. Once I started smoking meats, I wound up on eight or more barbeque forums--or barbecue forums, depending upon your point of view. Irregardless (Its a joke word, folks!), I found I was spending most of my time on 3 forums, this being one of them. But once I started attending competitions and other get togethers, I found myself spending less and less time at 2 of the others, the third one being "local" to me. I shall once again attempt to spend more time--and posts--at this and the other site, trying to give back to the 'newbies' coming behind me. And rest assured, the advice that I'll be doling out will just be 'parroted' from getting it from you fine people. Thank you.

    Second, I'll say--WOW! What a new look!
  2. Hey azkitch, well glad to hear your here, I'm in az too in Gilbert. Just an FYI I just found bags of Hickory and Mesquite Chips at the $.99  cent store's ( of course .99 cents ) a decent size bag.
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    Welcome back to SMF there Azkitch. Now things have changed alittle buit here but you should be right in the swing of things in a very short time. So you know what this place is about and the how to's and what for's too. So go smoke something and let us see it too.

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