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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by old sarge, Oct 28, 2014.

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    Good video on installing an Auber controller on a Smokin-it smoker.  I'm guessing the procedure would be similar on a SmokinTex unit. Note the amount of insulation being removed.

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  2. Sarge, after seeing the smoker with all of the insulation removed 3  things come to mind. The first is the simplicity of the smoker the second is the fact that with all of the insulation they can get away with a small (4oo watt in the #1) element . The third just reemphasizes the fact I will own a #3. Thanks for posting the link.   Jted

    I must also say that I am impressed with the amount of insulation. When I was a young man my first trade was as a industrial insulator I let the job pick me so to speak but  I spent 17 years working on hot and cold vessels tanks, pipes and spheres. I worked in the industrial world and personally would have used less insulation.  The next trade picked me again. Being married with children I could not turn down a job as a industrial Carpenter and industrial painters apprentice. Luckily 10 years later  through a union contract negation I was able to pick my final trade as a maintenance electrician's apprentice 4 years of night school and apprenticeship I was a IBEW maintenance electrician.  So when I say I would own one it comes from someone who has some insulation and electrical experience.   Just a word to the young Don't let the job pick you do your best to pick the job.       Jted
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    Thanks for the link.  I knew what the units did but was never real clear how they did it.  The video helped me see the whole picture sort a speak.  For what it's worth, I wouldn't have taken it all apart.
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    You are welcome.
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    Once you install the Auber, can you get a greater temperature range out of the unit. the SI builtin thermostat does 100-250.  Can we get the unit up to 300F+ with this and similar mods?
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    That question was posed to Smokin-it some time back.  I believe someone took their SI 3 to over 300.   Check the SI section here on SMF.  You may also need to check the SI site itself.

    Old Sarge
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    ???? Where is the SI section on this site? 
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    Thanks CW, it was buried deep! 
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    Thanks for the post Dave.....still contemplating this but so far have survived without it. I'm torn now with starting a curing chamber for dried sausages and things....always something to drain the wallet.....Have a great Thanksgiving though.....Willie
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    Auber shipped a few lemons back on August.  Not many, but a few. Had to do with the programming and auto-tune. The Auber unit was originally set up for the puck eater, not SI or ST.  But they do work.  Some good info at the Smokin-it site since they sell the Auber. I would say if you are getting good smoked grub without the Auber, spend the money on meat or something else. Maybe someday Auber will produce a unit that requires no auto tune, steps or any of that for a reasonable price. My Cookshack requires just setting the temp, the cook time or cook to an IT, and that is it. Nothing else to do but wait. It will drop to a keep warm 140 degrees. But that type unit is $700+ for a replacement from CS. After nearly two years, my brother is still going strong with his SI3 without going anal over tighter temperatures.  And his family just loves the food.  

    As for posting the video, I posted a link.  I think an administrator must have done an embed.  My original intent was to show folks the build of the SI and the amount of insulation in these rascals in addition to the installation of an Auber.  Double edged sword. 

    How are you and the Charbroiled doing?

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