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  1. I went to the local butcher yesterday to ask questions about their meat selection. After awhile I was asked if I use injected pork/ribs. I guess I'm so new I've not heard of doing that with RIBS. Butcher said they inject all of their pork with brine.

    I brine my chicken, no problem... anyone have insight they'd like to pass on concerning my confusion?

    Thanks for your consideration,

  2. cajunsmoker

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    would have to be a short little needle. I don't even trust a thermometer in ribs. your too close to bones and the meat isn't thick enough.
  3. t-bone tim

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    Mike ...I work in a retail meat dept here ...we sell only pure pork cuts ( no additives ) but my major competitor ( loblaws ) sells pork which is what they call seasoned ,which basically means its pumped ( injected ) with a mixture of salt and soy protein, which adds weight to the product ( higher profit ) and helps keep it from drying out when people over cook it ,makes a moister finished product ...hope this helps out your confusion...Tim. [​IMG]
  4. Timbo-

    Frankly that "higher profit" bit's the first thing I was thinking. The added moisture content is unecessary if you don't overcook... I understand that higher salt content enhances the natural flavor of the item injected.

    I suppose now I must decide if I make a purchase from them should I try it 'injected' once. Has anyone else had any experience with this injected, or 'seasoned' pork rib product?

  5. t-bone tim

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    It really does not change the taste much ,just the moistness after cooking maybe a little less pork taste...I prefer the pure cuts myself,guess you'd be right ...try it once to see ??[​IMG]
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    Mike, when you pick up a package of cyrovaced ribs, look on the package-if it says "Flavor Enhanced", it's been brined. By law, they are required to list the brine solution by percentage of weight. In some places, that is all you can get. If that is the case, adjust the amount of salt used in your rub and sauce.
  7. Dutch-

    This is a local butcher telling me they inject all of their pork. I'll ask them about their solution prior to purchase, and yes, I'll use less or no salt in the rub.

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    Mike -
    Got that scoot runnin' yet?
    Coming to the gathering? We have a large dome tent available if you are interested. [​IMG]
  9. P-Mike,

    *head hanging* not yet on the bike, but YES. I'm coming. I still need to get the sporty up to the shop, some kinda fuel mixture problem I cannot fathom...something simple, I'm certain. looking forward to the festival, and hope that you've got an XXL shirt and a thirty gallon hat set aside for me.

  10. oillogger

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    I use to buy steaks at Wal-Mart until they started selling injected beef. Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!! The flavor of their steaks has definitely been altered. My family will tar and feather me if I buy another injected steak. I stay away from most injected meat including chicken and turkey since there is usually more than just salt and water used. If you want extra water and salt I suggest brining the meat yourself so that you do not get any of those other chemicals that are normally used by the meat packers when injecting meat.
  11. oil-

    Thanks for the response. No, I don't want injected meats. I'd rather brine, and that's just poultry if you ask me. My trip to the local butcher last week made me ask about the injection deal, since they said that's what they do... I'll certainly find out EXACTLY what it is they inject, and most probably ask for cuts NOT injected, regardless!

    I'm NOT an anti-Walmart guy like lots of folks are, however, meat is something I'd NEVER ever, EVER purchase there. I grew up in Iowa, arguably home of the best beef and pork on the planet (yes I know Japanese Kobe) so beef and pork is something I buy from a farmer, by the dang COW and PIG!

    Thanks for the heads-up, though. More information is what we all need

  12. P. Mike--

    I pulled the sporty out- gave 'er a once over. Replaced the fuel, and plugs, checked for spark and had none. Traced the wires back and found a big-ass crack in the coil. After replacing the coil it took only a few tries and Bingo. I rode to Conesville (Iowa Bike Rally) and had a good time- cannot wait for SmokeFest.

    Hey- that tent would be nice, but I was just gonna use a sleeping bag. If you happen to bring it- I'll use it, but PLEASE, don't go out of your way or take up a bunch of space on my behalf.


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