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  1. If I search injected sausage around here I get all warnings... haha.

    If I inject fresh sausage, and smoke it to eat, usually takes 2.5 to 3 hours till done.

    I inject about 5minutes prior to goin on the smoker, then eat it right after being finished, are there potential risk with this or am I safe to enjoy my tasty reward?
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    Most warning for injection is based on 40-140 in under 4 hrs on whole muscle meats.

    Now since you are using a ground meat, you should be over 155 for your final temp on beef and pork, and over 165 for chicken, in the same time frame. The only exception would be if you are using and curing salts in your sausage mix.
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    What temp are you reheating at, and what temp are you taking them to....
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  4. There is no reheating, I'm cooking to eat just like lets say a slab of ribs, no cure either, temps actually get to 180

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