i want to make a sauce with smoked Japs and Tomoatos

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    I had some extra jalapenos and cherry tomatoes (yellow and red) from the garden. so i decided to smoke them with a pork loin that i was making.  my original intent was to dehydrate them to make a spicy tomato rub...but it was taking forever to dehydrate so i scratched that idea.

    i'm thinking of making a sauce with it..any ideas on what to do for a good sauce? Puree them and put in vinegar and simmer?

    I'd appreciate any suggestions....
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    No ideas here, but let us know what you come up with.
  3. alblancher

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    a bit of sugar or honey goes a long way with hot peppers and tomato.

    I would clean the peppers removing as much membrane and seed as you like.  Chop tomatos fine and place in a pot with the Japs or Habs.  Add some chopped onion, a bit of garlic, vinegar, sugar and or honey, maybe some bellpepper if you like. Let cook till translucent and you have a bit of moisture drawn.   Put in a bit of sure jell or gelatin to give it some body so it sticks to the meat.

    I wouldn't char or brown any of the vegs, you are looking for a quick jam like sauce.  I love it on any type of meat or sandwich that needs a kick.

    Good luck,

    let me know if you decide to do this.

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    Al X2 Maybe some Oregano, Cilantro and Sazon to taste with a squeeze of Lime if you are in to the Cuban thing...JJ
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