I purchased a MES 30 finally!

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    Hello all and hope you all are doing great this fine septemeber morning, I just purchased a 30" masterbuilt electric smoker model number 20070411 from best buy. I got it for around 250 dollar after price match from Amazon.com. I also recieved an AMNPS from todd the other day so I am all set, I gonna have to use an extension cord on this smoker I believe and I was just wondering if someone could tell me the best extension cord to purchase and also where is a good place to put the AMNPS inside the smoker? I was thinking in the bottom left hand corner next to the spot for the water and chip pan but wasnt sure if that was correct. Any tips and things I should do before I begin hopefully sharing some good Q view is always appreciated. Thanks in advance for any suggestions and hope all have a great week!
  2. your going to be making some great Q with your setup. As far as the AMNPS yes bottom left corner. Extension cord as short as possable and a large gauge cord. The lower the gauge number.The larger the cord.

    Happy smoken.

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