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Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by luter, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. luter

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    I use a lot of hickory and maple and sometimes mesquite. I have a neighbor that swears by sassafras (not sure on spelling). I have read some places that you should not use it and other places that is has a sweet flavor to it. Has anyone other than my neighbor tried this?
  2. bman62526

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    Never thought about Sassafras, but after a quick Google - I see that it's marketed and sold in stores, just like other kinds of smoking woods. Therefore, I'd bet it wouldn't harm you - just not sure about the flavor.

    If you want a sweet wood though, and sassafras is available to you for free - maybe try it? Otherwise, pick up a bag of cherry wood chips - or peach...that will give you good results.

    Also - go to the "Roll Call" thread on this site, and tell us about what kind of equipment you use, what BBQ'ing experience you have, what you like to cook, how long you've been doing it, etc....it will help others to help you - if we know a little about your background!
  3. pignit

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    Sassafras is an excellent mild wood to smoke with. It lends itself nicely to loins and CB and is excellent to use when you grill a steak. There is info out there about the toxicity of the wood but from all my reading.... that is in the concentrated form found in the root. My opinion is it is excellent. Give it a try.
  4. luter

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    I appretiate the info, I have tons of wood available here, including hickory and apple etc. but my neighbor has been hounding me to try this. Since we have hundreds of these trees on property I figured what the heck. thanks for the info guys
  5. mballi3011

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    I have seen it in the store where I get my wood so it most be alright. I will let you know when I use it because it is on my short list of most try woods.

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